Andrée amarica

Andrée Amarica's Art Video


Video Comments:

"Your paintings are the first thing I see going downstairs every morning. I get immediately uplifted" (Nancy from Connecticut)

"The paintings of Andrea aka Andree sing to me here. The sublime over the mondane with every day life (D.N)

"Andree's art makes one reflect on whether the image is expanding or collapsing. Becoming or being or both at the same time. Love her paintings because they represent her spirit".( Judith o'hara).

"Ton art nous force a nous projeter dans une plus grande et vaste conscience" (Lisette P) 

"How absolutely wonderful to see your art" (Pauline C)

"Absolutely stunning body of work" (Louan K)

 "My wife and I saw your video montage. You truly are a gifted artist and this video really highlights just how gifted you  are" (Dennis Z)


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