Andrée amarica

Andrée Amarica's Artist Statement


 When I paint, I allow the spontaneous application of artistic medium without trying to represent any objects, creatures or references of any kind. I simply connect with the inner creative intuition which rules all impulses of creation. I leave doubts behind and simply engage myself in total trust of the creative process. The end result emerges totally unaffected by intellectual, analytical and conceptual activities.

The main source of my inspiration comes from the sky. Its vastness and forever changing scenes with the clouds stretching transforming themselves like luminous beings and the sun being the conductor of that natural symphony of colors without forgetting of course the multidimensional effect of the rising moon piercing through layers of clouds. The sky offers an infinite field of possible canvases. Vibrant colors made of joy and lightness exude from sunrises and sunsets. My gallery consists of works that express multidimensional realities born out of these symphonies of colors and each painting becomes like windows opening into timelessness.


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